Latest Saree Draping Styles in Vogue

Indian saree is the most mystifying attire. This nine yards wonder has enhanced the beauty of women over the years. Draping and fall of a sari primarily depend on the fabric and texture of the fabric. Stiff fabrics like organza, silk and cotton doesn’t have a free fall and therefore doesn’t drape well. On the other hand, soft fabrics like chiffon, net, georgette and crepe are highly preferred by fashion designers to make their wonderful creations. In spite of the hassles faced while draping a saree, the Indian sari is one of the most celebrated attire of women across the world. It won’t be wrong if said that it is the grandeur, grace and beauty of the attire that has got it this position and fame worldwide. Today there exist a number of styles of draping a saree.

In order to stay away from the horror of draping an Indian sari, fashion designers have introduced several styles in a sari. Few designs which have gained major recognition among women of all age groups is a lehenga saree and a pre stitched sari. Lehenga saree adds a beautiful flair to the sari giving it a resemblance of the lehenga. This attire spares you from the confusion of pleating. Just wear the saree like a skirt and drape the saree pallu over the shoulders.

Another quirky way of draping a saree is recently discovered by the fashionable Sonam Kapoor. At one of the recent events, the actress was draped in Grecian style designer sari. The entire look and feel of the sari represented the drape popular in Greece. One of the distinguishing elements in her Grecian style saree drape was her pre pleated pallu.

With designers innovating new styles of saree draping techniques, wearing a sari is no more a task filled with anxiety and stress. First the pleats of the saree were dissolved and then the pallu pleating hassle is waived off by introducing pre pleated pallu. As we talk about the pre-pleated pallu, the latest in fashion is the peacock sari and the butterfly pallu saree. So, what’s the difference between the two?

Firstly, A butterfly pallu saree, as the name suggests is an experimentation that has been made by fashion designers with the conventional saree pallu. In this design, With new innovations happening every season, in this design, the highlight is diverted to the blouse from the pallu. A butterfly pallu is a pre-pleated pallu and when it is opened from the ends, it gives an impression and shape of butterfly wings. One can flaunt the ‘in style’ hot and happening saree blouse designs along with butterfly pallu style sarees.

Secondly, A peacock sari is one of the hot selling sarees these days. Modern and contemporary women love to sport this designer sari to weddings and celebratory occasions. Beautifully woven peacock design and pattern stretch across the front of the pallu and are further embellished with stone work, sequins, colorful beads and bugle beads.

Other than the above mentioned designer drapes, few traditional sari draping styles which are still popular in India is the Bengali style of wearing a sari, the Maharashtrian way, the Gujarati style of sari draping and the eternally famous Bollywood-inspired Mumtaz style of saree drape.