Sunglasses For Fashion And Protection

Sunglasses are often worn as a fashion statement. Kids think they look cool and adults feel undressed without their sunnies. But while they are making us feel cool and fashionable, they are also doing a great job in protecting our eyes from glare – so long as they are the right kind of sunnies. Don’t just buy those that look dark; check the label to be sure that they block 99% of UV rays.

Too much sun glare can cause headaches in the short term and long term problems such as macular degeneration. Having the right kind of sunglasses will prevent these problems and also help to prevent glaucoma. Sunglass lens are treated in various ways. Some look mirrored, but while these may be cool, the experts tell us that they don’t block out the harmful UV rays.

Polarized lenses cut out the glare from water, snow or pavement. They are ideal for fishing, whale-watching and driving. Photochromatic lenses change automatically from dark to light, so if you go from the inside to outside or sun to shade a lot, these are the ones for you.

You can also get tints and a grey tint is the one that does not change colour perception. Gradients have a tint at the top but it fades to no tint at the bottom, great when driving into a setting sun. If you need to wear prescription glasses, you can get clip-on sunnies to go over the top and save having two pairs of specs to look after.