Year of the Female Black Water Snake

According to Chinese astrology February 4th, 2013 marks the Solar New Year and February 10th the Lunar New Year. As we say good bye to the dragon of 2012 we welcome in the energies of the black water serpent. Snakes are closely tied with the Dragon as they are said to have come to earth as a dragon who lost his wings and scales.

It is very auspicious for us to have closed the chapter on December 21, 2012 and the end of the Mayan calendar and an old paradigm of imbalance and oppression. We have claimed a rebirth for the Earth and the sacred feminine is now rising. The feminine black water serpent is yet another auspicious symbol of her reappearance.

In Chinese Astrology the female black water snake is sexy, romantic, wise, intelligent, graceful and loves beauty. She can be secretive and is creative, innovative and diligent. She is here to help us shed skins of outmoded ways of being, thinking, and living and to arouse our sexual energies which we can use in more mature ways for the manifestation of our divine purpose and the new earth.

Welcome to the cozy creative watery womb space of the sensual snake. Of course it requires both the masculine and feminine to cocreate another. The year 2013 is a 6 year (2+0+1+3=6) and in numerology is the symbol of the love and family. In the tarot the 6 represents the Lovers, divine sacred Law of Union and Oneness through the union of opposites! Examples of this energy include Shiva and Shakti, Jesus and Mary Magdalene as well as Isis and Osiris whom this year’s Temple and Fellowship of Isis Convocation is being dedicated to.

Also coming up on March 9th/10th is ShivaRatri, the night of the Hindu Lord Shiva the -auspicious one-! Shiva is an omniscient yogi and lives an aesthetic life while at the same time is the lover of of his wife Parvati (Shakti) and father of Ganesha and Kartikeya. Known as the -transformer- or the -destroyer- he is responsible for change both in the form of death and destruction and in the positive sense of destroying the ego helping one to shed old habits and attachments. He is often depicted with snakes immersed in deep meditation or as the Cosmic Dancer or even fierce and slaying demons.

In Yoga we come to understand that the kundalini is described as a serpent that sits coiled three and a half times just under the Muldara (root) chakra. There are both a feminine aspect of this kundalini energy called the Ida and a masculine aspect called the Pingala. When awakened they snake and undulate their way up the Shushumna, the central channel, crossing at each chakra rising until they meet head to head at the third eye or the ajana chakra bringing spiritual, vision and the gifts of awakened sentient beings.

One of the things that has been limiting humanity from living in these states is that we have been living in a consciousness of fear and separation lost in our egos and the desires of the lower energy centers without consideration of the greater good. We’ve been detached from experiencing our interconnectedness and oneness with everything that is. To raise the kundalini requires all chakras to be open and balanced. So as the sexual energy is stirred and rises we are connected with divine wisdom and guidance, Mother Earth, our gifts and purpose, our personal power, an open heart and full self expression. Both Lord Shiva and the black water snake help us to shed all thought patterns, belief systems, attitudes, ways of being that are no longer serving. Injustice is being exposed and the black water serpent is here to sluff those old ways off like dead skin revealing a new soft supple layer beneath. However, do not cross this serpent and mistake her softness for weakness as inside she is ruled by metal and fire in their masculine form. So although snakes tend to be calm, shy and cautious, it is wise to remember that they will attack if disturbed or hungry!

We can utilize the energies of the black water snake this year to spiral up our evolutionary ladder maturing and growing accessing our full potential. The New Moon is in Aquarius energies which are also being infused into the mix are activating our revolutionary and humanitarian spirit. As the mythological water bearer spreads a dose of pure consciousness and we can fill up with clear sight, inventive solutions and the courage to embrace our authenticity and power to revolutionize our lives. Release all self defeating fear and limitations! Slough if off! Keepers of of New Earth! We are Here! The time is Now! We are the Ones we’ve been waiting for!

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