The Fashion Sense Of The Everyday Woman

How do you define Fashion Sense?

There is not an official definition of the phrase, although I did find one on . I am not sure how official it would be, but it made ?sense? to me. It described fashion sense as an expression meaning: dressing in style; understanding what looks good. The example sentence they gave ?Cezanne says Jennifer Lopez has good fashion sense, but I think her outfits are ridiculous? Another website called defines fashion as ?Any mode of dressing or adornment that is popular during a particular time or in a particular place (i.e., the current style). It can change from one period to the next, from generation to generation. It serves as a reflection of social and economic status, a function that explains the popularity of many styles throughout costume history; in the West, courts have been a major source of fashion.

If you go back into history, when man & woman roamed the earth, the only fashion sense was their original birthday suit complete with fur (or hair if you prefer). As we evolved, only Royalty or wealthy folks were about the only ones who could afford to have a ?wardrobe? of varying styles, colours and materials. The have nots had to do with whatever material was on hand and their primary use was for warmth and protection.

It wasn?t until the early 1900?s that fashion dwindled down to the lower classes. As the buying power of the average man improved so did fashion with the average woman. What became fashionable in all of great Design Houses eventually became fashionable with everyday woman with manufacturers copying or replicating the designs into affordable clothing. But that didn?t mean that every outfit complimented every woman. Let?s face it, women come in all shapes and sizes, and clothing comes in all sizes, colours and materials. Not every single outfit or combination of clothing will suit every woman. However, human nature being what it is, we have a natural instinct to conform and be part of the herd. When a new ?fad? such as mini skirts, flapper dresses, go go boots, etc came into fashion, everyone had to have them regardless of whether it complimented your body.

A woman who has fashion sense dresses knowing that she has chosen an outfit that will compliment her body shape, regardless of the latest ?fad?. She may not be wealthy, hold a college degree, have a high IQ or even be a CEO of a major corporation. What she is, is someone who avoids buying something that is ?cool? or is pretty or just because. She takes the time to know what will suit her and the mirror will tell her she has made the right decision. With luck, it could be the latest fashion!

For most women, I would suspect that we make that decision and for the most part, women do have fashion sense, but it is their own. Even ladies who have been in the Blackwell?s Best Dressed Hall of fame do make the occasional fashion faux pas. It takes more courage for a woman to dress in what looks best for her and not what is the current ?look? if it does not suit her. The best example of a ?look? that I think is a disaster for many women is the ?bare midriff? look, with the cropped tops and low waist jeans. For that look, you need to have not one ounce of fat in that area. It is not a complimentary look for any woman with a spare tire around the middle, or as someone referred it to the ?Michelin Tire look?. And yes, I am one of those women that cannot wear that ?look?.

They say ?beauty is in the eye of the beholder? and everyone has their own idea of what is beautiful. Kudos for the woman who dares to wear what looks good on her and not fall to the whims to the latest fashion fad. I encourage all women to honestly look at themselves and dress for what suits you and not other people.